Meet Jade.

I'm Jade Lavallee, the owner and principle photographer of Jade Lavallee Photography.

When I'm not behind a camera you'll find me getting on a plane to the furthest destination I can afford. Travelling is my passion, and part of the reason I love my job so much is because I can do it anywhere. Something that may surprise you though is that I don't take my camera with me everywhere I travel, I truly believe in absorbing the moments around you and taking it all in.

While I put my heart and soul into my work, I also strive to maintain a professional atmosphere for my clients and their families. I want my professionalism to reflect the investment you are making in me.

So get comfy as you browse my work!



“Meeting with Jade for the first time I instantly wanted her as our photographer, she came super prepared for the meeting bringing examples of her photos as well as bringing her contract and going over it with you.
Furthermore, not only does Jade take amazing photos but she is also a blast to work with, my husband tends to be a joker and she managed to capture not only the fun joking side of us but also the romantic side as well.”

Inclusivity and Diversity

As a white woman in the arts and wedding industry, I realize that I have a responsibility to ensure that minority communities are represented accurately and fairly in my work, and in my portfolios, and above that, I realize I have the very real privilege to do so.

I welcome any and every client that reaches out, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or appearance. I actively participate, march, document, and donate to causes such as Black Lives Matter, Indigenous, and the LGBTQ+ and Pride communities.

You will always be celebrated and welcome in my photography community. I understand that these movements are not about me, but I never want any of my clients to feel less than represented in my work.

I pledge to hire more models and vendors that accurately depict the very diverse communities that we live in. I want to ensure that any person that visits my portfolio can see themselves in my work.


Do you ever have sales or do discounts?

You will find that I never do sales. I want my clients to know that my collection prices are the absolute best price I could give them. I don’t give discounts for last-minute weddings because I think it is unfair to the clients that booked me years in advance. Sometimes I will do model calls for people that are comfortable in front of the camera, but these are generally only for lifestyle sessions and they happen rarely.

Do you do boudoir?

SURE DO! I have an in-home studio called La Maison. Please visit the La Maison section of my website for more details on boudoir photography.

Do I receive every image that you take at my wedding/session?

No, I will never deliver every single image from a session or wedding. I can take anywhere from 500 to 4500 photos at a wedding or session, and trust me when I say that it is incredibly difficult to look through that many images. I cull images due to errors in flash, framing, and focusing, and I overshoot so that I don’t miss anything, which means I can end up with as many as 20 photos of the exact same thing. My second shooter and I try our hardest to get some gorgeous candid images for you, but those images aren't always the most flattering if taken at the wrong moment. I want to assure you though, I have absolutely nothing to gain by keeping good photos from you, I want to share everything I can!

Do you edit every single photo?

Yes, I edit every single image I deliver to you. Some just need a quick crop and colour adjustment, others need some airbrushing and distraction removal. Please keep in mind that I will not “fix” every photo for things beyond my control. I will only do advanced editing on glasses flares, sunburns, forgotten bouquets etc but only for requested photographs as it is incredibly time intensive.

Why do you insist on consultations?

I take great pride in the relationships I can build with my clients. I think it’s incredibly important to make sure that we “click” prior to you hiring me. In addition, I think it’s extremely beneficial to go over my contract together to make sure you understand everything it says and can ask me any questions you need to in person.

Are you licensed and insured?

You bet I am. My gear and vehicle are insured, and I have business liability insurance. My business is registered in with The City of Edmonton and I purchase individual municipality licenses depending on where I am booked every year.

What kind of gear do you have?

I own Canon gear primarily. I have a Canon 5D Mark IV and my Mark III is my back-up body. I also have a Mark II, just in case. I have an entire range of lenses and flashes that I use depending on your requirements. Apart from my off-camera flashes I do not use light boxes or strobes. Sometimes I bust out the reflector but only if the lighting situation is unbearable.

Do you require a deposit?

I do require retention fees for both weddings and boudoir marathons. Retention fees hold your wedding date or time slot in my calendar. I will not hold a date until I have received a signed contract and retention fee from a client.

Do you sell prints?

I absolutely sell prints, in addition to canvases, enlargements, and albums. I can provide you with a pricing guide for product if you wish to purchase through me. I get all of my product from local suppliers. My computer is calibrated to their lab, so the photos are printed to the exact specifications that I edit them with. I highly recommend getting all enlargements either through me or a reputable lab.

Do you offer newborn packages?

I no longer offer POSED newborn photos, I have migrated to more of a lifestyle type of package. I love being invited into your home to capture how your family moves throughout your day, especially with a newborn. Get in touch with me about one of these packages today!

How long can I view my online gallery?

Online galleries expire after one month, so please ensure you and your family have downloaded your gallery in that time. Un-archival fees do apply if I need to pull your gallery out of my archive and re-upload.

I don’t see many photos of people looking at the camera in your portfolio, why?

I prefer to capture real emotion and interactions with you and your family/friends/significant other. While I will always get some photos of everyone looking at the camera, it’s not the type of work I showcase in my portfolio, I prefer to shoot interactions instead of posing. I will always help my clients pose, but from there I will give you cues that will get you to interact with each other.

Do you travel?

One word. Yes. Get in touch, I make it a mission to see as many places as I possibly can!